New York School Library Systems Association and New York School Librarians Collaborate to Provide Assistance regarding the ELA Modules

On this website, the New York School Library System Association (SLSA) and New York school librarians intend to provide recommendations to assist classroom teachers in successfully adapting Curriculum Modules in a cost-effective and logical way.
School library resources, currently owned textbooks, and other classroom materials can, in may cases, be used to fulfill requirements.
Resource lists provided are not intended to be exhaustive; instead they are a sampling of alternative resources that are available. Consult your building school librarian for specific resources available locally.

From - Feb. 25, 2013 "Selection of Authentic Texts":
Libraries and librarians are also great resources. Your school librarian is likely an under-tapped resource with many library catalogs searchable by Lexile. Your librarian can lead you to a plethora of appropriate materials for learning centers, online access of articles, complexity tools and more. NYS School Library Systems Association has led a resource aggregation for many additional resources to meet the Common Core Learning Standards and curriculum modules. Please visit the following site for an example of such a site:"

For details about the ELA Modules Click on the ELA Modules Pages link in the margin. (In progress.)

Here are some links and information that we feel will be helpful:

  • ELA Modules High School texts; page created by Camden High School Librarian, Jennine Bloomquist.
  • Website that provides Lexile level and other reading level information: Text Leveling Correlation Guide
  • The Empire State Information Fluency Continuum : Benchmark Skills for Grades K-12 - Assessments / Common Core Alignment(Created by the New York City School Library System. Endorsed by the New York Library Association and the NY School Library Systems Association.) The Empire State Information Fluency Continuum provides a K-12 scaffolded framework for the instructional aspects of a school library program. The framework is based on three standards that form the basis for the skills and strategies that are essential for students to become independent readers and learners. The Empire State Information Fluency Continuum is endorsed by the School Library Systems Association of New York State and aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards.Libraries and librarians are a great resource for meeting the instructional expectations of the Common Core Learning Standards. The school librarian curates and instructs in the use of electronic databases and print and non-print materials. The school librarian also serves as an instructional leader in helping students navigate the inquiry process leading to the development of critical thinking skills and college and career readiness.
  • The Text List for P-12 English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum modules is now available and contains listings of all of the full-length books, articles, excerpts and other texts to be used in the ELA curriculm modules on EngageNY. This text list, along with a text list specifically for 9-12 ELA are available at .
  • Within the ELA Modules it is indicated that the goal for student reading levels are as follows: Grade 2-3 = 420-820 and Grade 4-5 = 740-1010 .
  • On Common Core - Librarians, the Secret Weapon- Olga Nesi, Library Coordinator, New York City Office of Library Services of the Department of Education.